The Bond Club of  Virginia

“Alumni Framish”

Thursday, October 8th 2009

6:00 – 9:00 PM


The Country Club of Virginia

Westhampton Clubhouse

Please join us for drinks, heavy hors d’oeuvres, and a walk down Memory Lane!

All present and former members/spouses welcome!

Please RSVP in the “Comments” box below to tell us you’ll be there!


The Board of Governors:

Joe Paucke – President

Cheryl Page – Vice President

Billy Walker – Treasurer

Joey Lombard – Secretary

Dick Mulligan – President Emeritus

Andrew Crawford – Governor

Peyton Studebaker – Governor

Courtney Rogers – Governor

Mike Reazin

Brad Tazewell

Frank Talbott

Sam Stoakley

Joanne Wiley

Lee Hatcher

Steve Wilson

Jim Alexander

Suzanne Javins

Jeff Pope

Stephen Crooks

 George Calvert

Ron Thomas

Alexander Schaaf

Peter Shea

Jack Muldowney

Mary Beth Johnson

Tim Behl

John Tomlin

Gus Epps

Bates Chappell

Joe Lowry

Terry Lerch

McGuire Boyd

John Molster

Katie Lester

Jane Wittemore

Lance Wittemore

Glen Dillon

Houston Crowder

Kim MacMillian

Scott Naurath

Ty Wellford

Gabe Rodrigues

Reilly Monroe

David Boyd

Pen Clark

Jim Rorrer

Scott Matthews

Boyce Reid

Duke Dolan

Frank McCann

John Lucas

Doc Armstrong

Nick Costas

Jim Kane

Hart Lee

Arnold Brown

Brad Smallwood

Bonnie Messer

Tony Frank

John Boehling

Gary Wilson

Jon Morris

Dan Conrad

Eleanor Wellford

Will Clarke

Wymond Cabell

Rob Farmer

Kimberly Wornom Hicks

Chip Bassett

Don Vaught

Ned Byrne

Fred Simon

Kelly Pickerel

Andy Wiley

Charlie Stallings

Holmes Ginn

Briggs Beadell

Tom Taveggia

Robbie Gragnani

Chris Blair

Hampton Bargatze

Angie Dreelin

Sandy Teu

Don Thompson

Rick Bigelow

Greg Blake

Madge Wyatt

Chuck Gomer

Fred Carleton

Bill Jones

Robert Owen

Mary Ellen Robards

Cabell Moore

Dale Lawton

Bromby Earle

Evelyn Barnes

Topher Gibbs

Kevin Boll

Howard Armistead

Mike Grow

Whitey Lipscomb

John Percy

Glen Wright

Mike Hoover

Herbert Hargroves

Marie Pisecki

Jerry Pisecki

Harry Lankenau